I cancelled my Adobe CC and Figma subscriptions and bought Affinity Designer instead

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Affinity Designer has come a long way since I last looked at it. Its a powerful alternative to Adobe Illustrator.

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I was paying up to about AU$170 every month for both Adobe CC and Figma subscriptions and really only using Adobe Illustrator and Figma. My work now primarily consists of web development and I only do UI design or logo design if the client requires it. So, I bought Affinity Designer to try it out – for a one time payment of US$79!

I have to say, I’m very impressed! Being used to Adobe Illustrator, I found it really intuitive to get used to the differences and workflow. While there is a slight learning curve to get used to the differences, it pays off a great deal in value. I love the fact it also feels a bit like Figma when using the Artboard tool.

I’m a happy camper.

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