I built a custom event attendee check-in dashboard in WordPress using Bricks Builder

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This is for people who don’t want to rely on an event management plugin but just want a clean, simple way to check-in RSVP attendees.

Custom event check-in dashboard in WordPress

One of my clients is publishing events on a WordPress website, and they needed a way to track event attendees on a clean, custom check-in dashboard because they didn’t want to use existing event management plugins. Using Bricks builder, ACF and Bricksforge, i created a classy looking event attendee tracking dashboard that works beautifully. It even has a download CSV button that exports a list of all attendees for a specific event.

The process of checking people in is super easy – its literally clicking a ‘Check-in’ button that changes the status of the attendee from RSVP to Attended. This button is the submit button of Bricksforge pro forms element that uses its ‘Update post meta’ feature as shown below (the ‘att_status’ meta name is a radio custom field with values ‘RSVP’, ‘attended’ and ‘cancelled’):

update post meta settings in Bricks Builder

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