Free WordPress login and password reset page templates built with Bricks Builder

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Gone are the days when your great looking WordPress website still has an ugly login screen.

login templates

If you’ve ever built a WordPress website, you have most likely spent a great deal of time making it look super sleek and you are really happy with the result – only to find that every time you or your client logs in, they are faced with an ugly, generic WordPress branded login screen.

Bricks Builder allows you to build out your own custom authentication pages – so, I’ve built out 4 templates for you to use with Bricks Builder and ACSS (both ACSS and Vanilla CSS versions are available) that will make it super easy for you to make your login, registration, lost password and reset password pages look modern and inline with your website brand.

Template features

  • Change colours easily
  • Change background image and its opacity
  • Change image overlay colour and transparency
  • Change logo
  • Both ACSS and vanilla CSS versions available

These files are free for you to use for personal or commercial projects without any limits.

The login screen

You can easily change the logo, colours and background image on the layout, and make it match your website’s brand.

The registration screen

The lost password screen

The reset password screen

Instructions on how to use the templates – NOTE both ACSS and vanilla versions are available

ACSS templates

If you use ACSS, watch this video below to find out how to add these templates to your Bricks website.

Vanilla CSS templates

If you want to use these templates without any dependancy on a CSS framework, watch this video below for instructions.

Download the files

The folders contains 4 json files you will need for your authentication pages, and the vanilla CSS version has a file with all the CSS you will need for the styling.

How to toggle a hide/show password icon for the password field

By default, the Bricks form password field does not have an icon that users can click to hide or reveal the password – when typed in, the password just shows up as dots. If you are looking to add this feature in, follow this tutorial showing you how to add the icon using a couple of small CSS and Javascript snippets.

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